Family Services

All service fees below are a sliding scale in order to access services that work for your budget. 

I provide services specific to the needs of your family.  My goal is to provide your entire family with the support you need while going through this challenging process. *Research has shown that youth in unsupportive homes are six times more likely to experience depression than peers in supportive homes. 

Below is a list of my most requested services, but this is not the limit of options! Please contact me directly if you need different or additional services. 


1:1 mentoring
fee: $80-$130/hr

My background of over twenty years in coaching and youth work plus a Masters in Social Work has provided me with the skills to connect with youth on a genuine and age specific level. Your child's experience of understanding their gender identity is unique to them. This service provides the in-depth and specific attention with someone who can relate to their experience. These sessions can take place at your home or in the community. Please fill out and sign the waiver below in order to permit your child to be out of your care.  


Join a family therapy session:
fee: $70-$100/hr

I can join your existing family therapy sessions to assist with the process of affirming and accepting your family member's gender identity. These sessions are coordinated with the family therapist. My goal in joining these sessions is to add value to the therapy goals. I can work with family members of all ages, but my speciality is working with youth of all ages. 

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educating school systems:
Fee: varied

I understand from a personal perspective the challenges that your child may be experiencing at their school on a daily basis. Every family encounters different challenges within their child's school system. I will work alongside your family to determine the best approach to resolving those challenges. This may include training sessions for school employees, individual meetings with teachers or school administrators and assisting with the process of your child changing their name and/or pronouns at school. 

*Ryan, C. (2009). Supportive families, healthy children: Helping families with Lesbian,
Gay, Bisexual & Transgender Children