The landscape of understanding gender identity is complex and unique. I will help you navigate that landscape.  

Below you will find a description of the services provided.


initial consultation

Free - 60 minute phone/skype/In-person

To get the process started we will start with a free 60 minute phone/Skype or in-person consultation. This will allow us to discuss what type of services would best fit your needs. 

gender 101

This is the most basic level of training offered. This is a good start to building the foundation for increasing your knowledge about:

  • Basic terminology

  • Foundational concepts in understanding the gender binary

  • Simple and concrete do's and don't's to create a welcoming environment

gender binary image.jpg

multiple Gender image.png

gender 201

(Gender 101 required) - This training offers a higher level of education and support.  Attendees will build on the basic concepts learned in Gender 101. 

  • Intermediate terminology

  • Small group, skill building activities

  • Significant time allotted for specific questions - which is one of the greatest learning tools I use.

1;1 image.jpg

1:1 Consulting Sessions

There are many complications and complexities when working towards supporting anyone's gender identity. These sessions offer an opportunity to discuss and work through complicated issues that may be affecting the work environment.  

  • Logistical and technical support

  • Troubleshoot issues

  • Experienced, knowledgeable and compassionate advice

Curriculum development

curriculum image.jpg

This service can offer specifically tailored curriculum to meet the needs of your organization. I will collaborate with you to determine your short and long term goals. I'll then create content that helps you to reach those goals within your business.       

  • Education Packets

  • Training Programs

  • Quick reference sheets


Phone and email Consulting

These sessions can offer a more flexible and convenient way to address an issue, whether it's small or large.

  • These sessions can take place via phone or any online meeting platform.