Tip of the Iceberg


below the surface

Metoo pic.png

Addressing the issue of sexual harassment is not new, but the approach has typically been to just address the surface issues, not what lies 700 feet below in the dark, cold sea of patriarchy. What lies at those depths are deeply entrenched and dangerous societal expectations of men and women which have been upheld by our culture, our media, our institutions and our economy. Gone are the days of just telling employees to not engage in inappropriate touching, conversations or jokes. To accomplish real cultural change the work must go far deeper than that. Quantum Gender is uniquely qualified to address these deeper layers because we are experts in breaking down the complexity of gender.

Our workshops tackle this massive societal structure in a way that is engaging, inspiring and will bring even the staunchest supporter of patriarchy around to the idea that to end sexual harassment and violence towards women, men and all genders we must go further than just the tip of the iceberg.