quantum gender provides education, training and consultation to businesses of all sizes specifically on gender identity and gender diversity.

Our mission

Quantum Gender redefines the way that your company thinks about gender. We transform your company into one that embraces people of all gender identities and expressions. But we go beyond just checking the diversity box of inclusion for LGBTQ+ employees. We go deeper into the issues of sexism, privilege, and patriarchy which are also the pervasive root causes of sexual harassment.

Gender is something that everyone experiences, but not everyone has been forced to really understand the gendered world in which we live or the way their own gender identity has formed. Through interactive and engaging trainings and workshops we unpack these heavy issues so they are accessible to even the most novice of knowledge levels.

Everyone has a gender identity. Quantum Gender is here to make sure your company excels at being inclusive of all genders.

What We offer

Nothing we provide is off-the-shelf, cookie-cutter solutions. We recognize that every company has a unique culture and way of doing business. So we take the time to get to know your priorities and needs and offer customized services based on those needs.

Trainings & Workshops

  • Beyond Differences

  • Caitlin Gable High School

  • Friends of the Children

  • Lewis & Clark College

  • Meaningful Care Conference

  • Nike, Inc.

  • Portland State University

  • Regional Research Institute

Business Clients

  • Adidas

  • Northwest Natural Gas

  • Pacific Northwest Swimming